After the Happily-Ever-After

After getting married in BloemfonteinYou've said "I do," exchanged rings, and shared your first kiss as husband and wife. Now what? After your wedding in Bloemfontein, you feel relieved that the planning is behind you.

But don't sit down too long. There are many tasks Mr. and Mrs. must complete.

Marriages has its ups and downs

The good news is that you now have a partner to share the burden of these responsibilities. Having someone to consider possibilities with can make a world of difference when making important decisions. So embrace your new life as a married couple in Bloemfontein.

Financial decisions should take top priority. Many newlyweds open a joint checking and/or savings account so they can monitor their finances together. This avoids overdraft fees and arguments over the spending you each did separately. Work together as a unit to add deposits to your savings account. Setting ground rules from the beginning will keep you from fighting over money. Establish a limit of how much money you'll spend without asking your partner first.

One simple rule will save you years of unnecessary agony. The next job as husband and wife can be easily overlooked. At your Bloemfontein wedding, you were given many presents. You also put wedding rings on each other's fingers. Many of these items carry a high amount of value. Insuring such possessions will give you peace of mind. Take an inventory of your home while you're at it to see what else needs to be insured.

Furniture, jewellery and other items you previously owned may need insurance that goes beyond your home or renter's insurance. Life, disability and income insurance should also be considered. You now have each other to think about. If something happens to one of your jobs or you get injured, having a secure income will ease the challenge.

Although some of these unknown possibilities aren't pleasant to think about, they can't be ignored. You'll discover new aspects of marriage every day. Your spouse will also surprise you with new quirks and parts of his personality you never saw before. But if you allow it, your love will grow each day, month and year. That's the most exciting and beloved part of living happily ever after.