Finding your dream wedding dress

How to choose your wedding dressNow that you have found the man of your dreams, it's time to find the wedding dress of your dreams. Although you may not want to admit it, you fantasized about this moment more than once in your life.

The perfect dress hunt for your Bloemfontein wedding remains the most exciting factor of a bride-to-be's experience. Today, there are numerous options for the bride's attire. Will you choose an elegant style, princess ball-gown, mermaid silhouette, or a non-traditional gothic dress?

Where to buy wedding shoes in Bloemfontein

Wedding shoes in BloemfonteinNumerous brides have mentioned to us that one should start looking for weddings shoes from day one. That's not all. Once you found the shoes you like, you need to buy them there and then. The odds are very slim that it will still be there the following day.

We asked a couple of brides where they bought their wedding shoes, and we found three shops that will gladly assist you to make your wedding day even more special.

Monogram is more than initials at your wedding

Initials at your Bloemfontein weddingYour initials as a married couple are more than just an abbreviation for your names. When used as a monogram during your wedding in Bloemfontein, the first and last letters of your name become a symbol of two people unified as one. Today, monograms set the stage for many weddings.

Taking a second chance on wedded bliss

Getting married for the second time in BloemfonteinEvery bride plans on her marriage to last forever. Unfortunately though, some couples split before separating their one year anniversary. Statistics show that over 50 percent of married couples divorce.

That doesn't stop many ex-wives from striving for that happily ever after they dreamed of as a little girl. Almost 80 percent of divorced women marry again.

After the Happily-Ever-After

After getting married in BloemfonteinYou've said "I do," exchanged rings, and shared your first kiss as husband and wife. Now what? After your wedding in Bloemfontein, you feel relieved that the planning is behind you.

But don't sit down too long. There are many tasks Mr. and Mrs. must complete.

Going to the chapel or not?

Great wedding venues in BloemfonteinWeddings today come in all shapes and sizes. The traditional church wedding still happens, but now almost any location can become a wedding venue in Bloemfontein.

Most brides feel they can bypass the synagogue or cathedral for a more unique setting. Outdoor gardens, arenas and other venues can accommodate your Bloemfontein wedding just as well.

Choosing your escort down the aisle

Bride walking down the aisleIn decades past, a bride always walked down the aisle on her father's arm. No other person came to mind for this important job. However, today's brides find themselves wondering who should perform this task.

Some have a step-father or a Dad they never see. Not wanting to offend those they love, brides struggle with this major decision on their wedding day.