About Our Big Day

Our Big Day - Bloemfontein's Favourite Wedding Directory

We realised that Bloemfontein had no dedicated wedding directory with updated information regarding the latest weddings trends and tips. We decided to start a wedding directory where couples could find everything they needed to make that special day even more special.

Being a Wedding DJ (Sound Bytes) I am frequently asked by couples which venue, which photographer, which florist. I even had a couple that drove to each venue in Bloemfontein at the cost of R1500 just for petrol!

I realised that there had to be an easier way to provide couples with all the information they need to plan their wedding. And so, OUR BIG DAY was born.

What is 'Our Big Day' ?

We Simply Love WeddingsOur Big Day is a website aimed at local wedding vendors in Bloemfontein. Our goal is to get as many Bloemfontein businesses listed on the Wedding Directory.

We would like to think of the website as a "community project". We simply provide the "tool" and we would like the wedding vendors to use this tool and market their products and services to potential clients. To make the website even more unique and targeted we decided to limit the vendors to Bloemfontein only.

This means, all the information on the website is strictly Bloemfontein based. There are too many wedding directory websites on the internet, but none of them caters for one city only. Again, this is why Our Big Day is such a huge success.