Tips for choosing a wedding cake for your big day

Finding a wedding cake for your Bloemfontein weddingPlanning a wedding in Bloemfontein but having a hard time getting your groom involved? Mention cake, and I assure you he will happily join you for that part of the decision making. No engaged man can resist delicious taste testing.

Wedding cakes for your Bloemfontein wedding

Once you get your groom on board, you have to figure out the details of the cake. Besides choosing your hungry groom's favourite flavour, you have to pick the design, colour and filling.

Your groom may drool over German chocolate cake, but will every guest? Statistics show that 60% of those in attendance come to a Bloemfontein wedding for the cake. As odd as this may sound, cake plays a huge role at your reception in Bloemfontein.

Figure out what matters most to you and the rest will come easy. Do you want a large, show-stopper cake? Do you want a mouth-watering gourmet cake or do you want something that's meaningful only to you and your groom? A large cake can be the centre piece of your reception and wow your guests. A smaller cake won't stand out, but it can be just as beautiful if decorated right. If you have a theme for your Bloemfontein wedding, coordinate your cake with the theme. A flower-covered cake won't go well with a beach-themed, natural wedding. However, a formal, elegant affair can be served well with a triple-tiered cake holding a fountain in the middle.

The selection of bakeries is numerous. So it's important to choose the perfect match for your Bloemfontein wedding. Find a business with a great reputation to avoid irresponsible vendors. It takes time to create a wonderful cake. Make sure to order your cake way in advance and follow-up with the baker a few weeks before your ceremony. This will keep you away from last-minute stress and worry.

No matter what cake you wind up with, save the top layer for you and your groom. Traditionally, couples froze it and shared it together on their first anniversary. Other newlyweds now take it with them on their honeymoon because in all reality they didn't get a bite at their ceremony. Now they can enjoy the cake during their first day or two as a married couple.