The new trend in wedding confetti: Bubbles

Use bubbles instead of traditional wedding confettiWe've been to many weddings in Bloemfontein. We've seen al kinds of wedding confetti, but the latest trend is definitely BUBBLES!

Sure, traditional confetti is fine, but it's always a hassle to clean afterwards and think a second about the environment. Bearing this in mind we have decide to give BUBBLES a go. And we love them (um ... we mean, your guests will love them). We also provide great alternatives if you are not a bubble-person.

Bubbles for your wedding confetti

Why Bubbles?

There are actually so many reasons why you should consider getting bubbles as confetti:

  • Environmental-friendly. Once it's gone
  • These soap bubbles are specially made with the bride's dress in mind - no need to worry about stains. These bubbles are harmless
  • No cleaning afterwards - wedding venues love bubbles as well
  • As mentioned, your guests are going to love them. It's also a great way to keep the children busy afterwards
  • To top it all - Wedding photographers love the bubbles as well - it creates a stunning effect on wedding photos


To order these bubbles online for your wedding visit Wedding Bubblers.


Not a bubble-person? No problem

Of course, not everyone prefers bubbles. If this is the case, then why not consider one of the following:

  • Feathers - You can colour the feathers to suit your wedding theme. Don't forget that the type of feather you choose will have determine how they glide once thrown.
  • Popcorn - Another great alternative to traditional confetti. Also easier to clean up afterwards. Some guests might even try a bite.
  • Sparklers - Yes, the same sparklers you get at Spur (if it's your birthday). These look beautiful in daylight and in the dark as well. Let your guests wave the sparklers as you leave the chapel/church.
  • Wedding bells - This is of course a great alternative - your guests can ring a small bell once you leave the venue. However it's almost impossible to get wedding bells in Bloemfontein. You might need to order them online.
  • Doves - Very romantic indeed. It will feel just like the movies when the doves fly away.
  • Paper planes - Give each guest a small white paper and let them write a short message on it and fold in into a paper plane. Once you leave the venue the guests can (gently) throw their message of love and best wishes in the form of a paper plane.