Taking a second chance on wedded bliss

Getting married for the second time in BloemfonteinEvery bride plans on her marriage to last forever. Unfortunately though, some couples split before separating their one year anniversary. Statistics show that over 50 percent of married couples divorce.

That doesn't stop many ex-wives from striving for that happily ever after they dreamed of as a little girl. Almost 80 percent of divorced women marry again.

Destination weddings when marrying the second timeThe second-time-around weddings in Bloemfontein are different. Typically the bride is older and wiser. Many redo marriages seem less formal and more relaxed. Although the bride and groom are seasoned wedding planners, they still want their day to be significant. Just because the first attempt at wedded bliss ended badly doesn't mean the second one will have the same result.

Choosing to honour your second wedding with respect doesn't have to equal spending a lot of money. Simple affairs can be just as beautiful and meaningful. A short exchange of vows at the Justice of the Peace works for some. Other repeat brides choose another church wedding in Bloemfontein. A new trend that has grown momentum over the past few years is destination weddings.

A casual beach-front ceremony or themed wedding based on your location can be equally are memorable as your first wedding. Frills become obsolete at most natural settings. Another plus of a destination wedding for your second-go-around is that you don't have to travel far for the honeymoon. Already at a gorgeous place, the honeymoon begins as soon as the rice or flowers are thrown. Most brides in Bloemfontein don't want to spend hours on a plane after they've planned a wedding. So this makes for a perfect way to enjoy a great honeymoon and celebrate the marriage to your second husband all in one place.

Theme weddings allow creativity drawn from the bride and groom's personalities. Since it's a second Bloemfontein wedding, traditional rules don't count. Imaginations take over and ideas turn a bride's dreams into reality. Whatever you decide for your second wedding, allow yourself freedom to enjoy this experience. Keep the stress away by not feeling like you have to make the second wedding as grand as the first.