Monogram is more than initials at your wedding

Initials at your Bloemfontein weddingYour initials as a married couple are more than just an abbreviation for your names. When used as a monogram during your wedding in Bloemfontein, the first and last letters of your name become a symbol of two people unified as one. Today, monograms set the stage for many weddings.

Initials at your Bloemfontein weddingThis huge trend has made its way to Bloemfontein weddings. Some brides add their monogram to give elegant touches to their reception and atmosphere. Others make the monogram their theme. Versatile and understated, the monogram can be used on almost any part of your marriage in Bloemfontein.

From invitations and envelope seals to your runner and cocktail napkins, the monogram adds a romantic flair to these ordinary items. Daring to go beyond the ordinary, some brides take it to the next level. They engrave their monogram on garters, bouquet ribbons, coasters, chair covers and even their veil or train. If you have the budget, projecting your monogram onto the dance floor during the reception makes a distinctive statement. Wedding planners in Bloemfontein can help you find the perfect lighting designer for this task. Your planner can also suggest other ways to incorporate your monogram to achieve the exact look you desire.

If you design your monogram yourself, keep in mind that the bride's initial goes first followed by shared last initial, usually larger, and then the groom’s first initial. Some might view it as going against etiquette if you use your monogram before the minister declares you man and wife. The reception causes no questions since you’ll be married at that point. If concerned with offending someone, forget putting the monogram on your invitations.

For those who really want to include it in their ceremony in Bloemfontein, you can put in a private spot like the garter or inside your dress. No matter when you choose to use your monogram, let the creative juices flow. Your monogram definitely portrays elegance, but it can also exude fun. It’s easy to have too much of a good thing. So be sure to mix your monogram into other elements to show visual contrast for your guests.