Going to the chapel or not?

Great wedding venues in BloemfonteinWeddings today come in all shapes and sizes. The traditional church wedding still happens, but now almost any location can become a wedding venue in Bloemfontein.

Most brides feel they can bypass the synagogue or cathedral for a more unique setting. Outdoor gardens, arenas and other venues can accommodate your Bloemfontein wedding just as well.

Bloemfontein offers some great wedding venues.

In fact, some of these locations offer more room for the wedding and give opportunity to include other special experiences for you and your guests. Don't be afraid to explore unusual options.

If your heart isn't set on walking down the aisle of your childhood church, then let your imagination run wild. You might just discover a breathtaking location that fits you and your groom perfectly.

Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town typically provide some great deals, but at a cost. Many Bloemfontein brides would prefer the Amadwala lodge in Honeydew, the Glenburn Lodge near Swartkops, the Casa Toscana Lodge in Pretoria, Isiphiwo in Pretoria, or Toadbury Hall. All of these locations make a great reception site also.

North West and Sun State, Mpumalanga and Kruger Park, Botswana and The Okavango are other favourite wedding spots. Although you may be on a budget, you can still choose a venue that is unique, classy and affordable.

Working With A Budget

Typically the wedding venue makes up about 30 to 35% of a Bloemfontein bride's total wedding budget. If a venue seems pricey, usually it includes the reception and food in the package. Be sure to ask lots of questions before you sign on the bottom line.

  • Don't pick the first place that looks beautiful until you know all the details
  • Cost, number of people it will hold, dates and times available, and any restrictions can make you change your mind
  • Some venues provide only their own décor and do not allow you to change it to match your theme or colours

So find out this information ahead of time to avoid wasting time on places that will not work for your wedding. No matter where you get married, you will never forget the location for the rest of your life. So choose wisely and make sure it's the perfect spot for your Bloemfontein wedding.

For a list of wedding venues in Bloemfontein visit our Wedding Venue page.

Bloemfontein Wedding Venues

Below are a couple of wedding venues in Bloemfontein. These are photos of the reception area at each venue.

Leopards & Lace Wedding Venue Bloemfontein

Kopano Nokeng Bloemfontein

Monte Bello Estate Bloemfontein

The Terrace Wedding Venue Bloemfontein

The Willows Wedding Venue