Finding the perfect wedding dress for your Bloemfontein wedding

Wedding gowns in Bloemfontein for every size or shape brideFinding the perfect wedding gown in Bloemfontein takes time, patience and knowledge. Trying on numerous dresses may be fun. But if you don't know your body type, playing dress-up can be futile.

Here are some tips that will help you look flawless at your wedding in Bloemfontein.


Finding the perfect wedding dress in Bloemfontein

  • If you gain weighty mostly around your waist, you are an apple shape.
  • Those brides who are smaller on top and wider on the bottom are called pear shape.
  • Hourglass shape is reserved for women whose weight is distributed evenly over their chest and hips.
  • Brides in Bloemfontein whose weight is even throughout their bodies are called square shape.
  • If you have a large chest or shoulders and are small on the bottom half, you are an inverted pear shape.

Apple shapes should look for dresses with empire waists and v-necks. These brides need to steer clear of corsets, full skirts or skirts that cut across the middle. If you tend to have a pear body type, try a gown with padded or puffy shoulders. This will balance out your top half with the bottom. Stay away from narrow shoulders, full puffy skirts or narrow shoulders.

Those who have an hourglass shape should wear a dress with a V-neck or strapless gown to give you a balanced look. Body-hugging sheaths are also a good fit for hourglass body types. Don't look for beaded tops or full skirts because they will draw attention to the wrong places. Square shaped brides, however, should attempt beaded or highly-decorated necklines. This will give an illusion of a more curved figure. Full skirts, puffy sleeves and horizontal detailing are also good looks for the square body type.

Clingy, tight dresses are not right for this shape. An inverted pear shape will look great in simple sleeves and full skirts. On the other hand, these brides should avoid puffy sleeves, empire waistlines, or slim skirts. Using this information, your hunt for that perfect dress will go quicker and smoother. Don't waste time on gowns that aren't for you. Save the stress for other aspects of planning your wedding in Bloemfontein. Enjoy this experience you've waited for your whole life.

Images courtesy of Slanovskiy Wedding Dresses