Choosing your escort down the aisle

Bride walking down the aisleIn decades past, a bride always walked down the aisle on her father's arm. No other person came to mind for this important job. However, today's brides find themselves wondering who should perform this task.

Some have a step-father or a Dad they never see. Not wanting to offend those they love, brides struggle with this major decision on their wedding day.

Bride and Groom walking down the aisleEven those who share a close relationship with their father choose to break tradition. They ask their father to accompany them half-way. Trying to show a transfer of responsibility, the bride then walks the rest of the way by herself. Other brides who have both mother and father in their lives walk down the aisle with both parents.

A popular trend started by some brides lets the groom meet the bride and escort her half-way down the aisle. While this symbolizes the release of dependence from the parents to the groom, it's not for the traditional at heart. For some brides, they ask their mothers to take this job to show their close relationship.

If you decide to take the long walk toward your groom by yourself, make sure to shake your nerves beforehand. A practice run will give you confidence and take the edge on your big day. Remember that it won't be exactly the same when everyone attending your ceremony will be watching you.

Sharing the job between two escorts works for some brides. They might ask their father to walk them half-way and then her step-father or uncle to finish the job. Although traditionally viewed as a bad omen, coming in with your fiancé can work. This demonstrates your partnership and commitment to each other.

A brother, close friend or family member can step-in as a representative for the bride who does not have her father with her anymore. Some circumstances may call for you to talk to members of your family about this ahead of time so you don't offend anyone.

Whether you decide to go traditional or break the rules, remember it is your day. You and your groom's commitment is the number one priority. Don't let other people decide this huge decision for you. Stand up for your desires and your wedding in Bloemfontein will be as meaningful as you imagined.