The Importance Of Hiring A Professional Make-up Artist For Your Special Day

Wedding Make-up Artists Bloemfontein

Planning on doing your hair & make-up yourself for your engagement shoot and wedding day to save on some cash or even getting your aunt or sister to do it? There is nothing wrong with doing your own make-up for your wedding but consider that your wedding & engagement photos are photos that you will have for the rest of your life admired by many friends and family.

Photographic make-up is very different to the every day make-up you would normally wear; this however does not mean you just pile on more base! Make-up for Flash photography is make-up skilfully applied with trained techniques using professional products that work well with flash (show up on camera) and stay on the skin for hours. There is a balance of how much product to use vs. how to apply it and this is crucial for a flawless application.

Professional Make-up Artists Bloemfontein

A good make-up artist takes into consideration skin tone, hair, eye and dress colour as well as the bridesmaid’s dresses and lighting to make sure you look like you but enhanced by emphasizing your best features. Always make sure that in the bridal make-up package there is a trial included as this is hugely important for the artist to understand what you are wanting and for you to see her work on yourself.

Another tip when considering a make-up artist is to find out what products she uses and do a bit of research as this plays a big role in the durability of the make-up for your day, things to look out for are long wear products, eye and face primers and make sure the foundation she uses does not have a high spf as this causes flash back with the camera (a white face) and stay away from HD powders these are great for TV but not flash photography and will also create that dreadful white ghost face.

Think carefully when considering doing your own make-up for your wedding because using an experienced and trained hair & make-up artist guarantees your photographs to be dramatically better and enhanced than without. Best of all you get to sit back, relax and know that your hair and make-up is in good hands.


The Results Of A Professional

We asked Amy Olden to do her 'magic' on a couple that came for their engagement shoot. Sure, it's always easy to say "get a professional" and pay the make-up artist's fee, but what if the results is really worth every penny? Below are the results. Need we say more?

Professional Wedding Make-up Artists Bloemfontein

Professional Wedding Make-up Artists Bloemfontein

Professional Wedding Make-up Artists Bloemfontein

Professional Wedding Make-up Artists Bloemfontein

This blog was written by Amy Olden. Visit her profile page here.