5 Reasons To Have A Photo Booth At Your Wedding

Wedding Photo Booths Bloemfontein

Some weddings are simply boring. That hour long wait with strangers while the bride and groom get their photographs taken. Photo booths are the perfect way not to only entertain your guests during the cocktail hour or at the reception venue, but it's also a great 'thank you' gift afterwards.

Photo booths don't take up a lot of space and its not as expensive as you might think. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider a photo booth at your Bloemfontein wedding.

Wedding Photo Booths Bloemfontein

Entertain Your Guests

While you might be having a blast with your own couple shoot most of your guest back at the reception are either taking part in some awkward conversation or they are wishing for you to get back sooner. Solution = photo booth.

Make Them Jealous

You should have a visually stunning record of your party so the next day on Facebook everyone who did not RSVP will see how much fun you and your friends had and they missed out on!

Great Gift For Your Guests

By having a photo booth at your event you are allowing all of your guests to have their own mini-portrait session. You keep a copy of each print and your guest gets a copy too. Now, isn't that just great!

Photo Booths Are Fun

Your wedding day is already going to be a hit. Having a photo booth escalates the fun to a whole new level! In other words, do not rent a photo booth if you want everyone standing around pretending to be busy on their phones at your special day.

Remember This Day

This isn't just a wedding, it is a day where two separate families, two communities of friends, are brought together. You will maybe not see many of them again for months or even years, and chances are you will never have this opportunity where all these loved ones are gathered together to focus in on you and to celebrate with you. When the night is done you will have prints and a keepsake album to forever remember how much of a success your wedding was and how much fun all of you had!


This blog was written by Norman Steyn of Destinctive Photo Booth. Visit his profile page here.